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    I have a cingular branded unlocked treo 650 using t-mobile for almost a year now. I love the device but everybody I talk on the phone with complains that they can't hear me well (choppy/distorted sound) or can't hear me at all. Does treo 680 have this problem? Does it have better reception?
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    Definitely better radio reception on 680 over the 650.
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    does treo 680 create choppy sound on the other end? I'm thinking either getting 680 or BB Curve.
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    The Audio (with good signal) is much improved over the 650.
    I have had a Curve also, it boils down to - Do you like to tinker with your phone? The curve is stable as heck , but not much in the way of added configurable software. The Treo has it's(freezing) moments, but you can tinker, tinker, tinker- and tweak it!
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