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    ive been searching this site up and down and only found links to dead websites offering ways to change the ringtone on each sms message you get.

    i want to change the ringtone for each of my contacts when they sms message me. the machine allows you to choose one tone for all incoming sms messages

    is there any way to do this? i would really like to do it.
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    a ring tone manager, like Lightwav or Ringo can assign individual ringers to different contacts, you can also customize a contacts sms tones
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    I suggest RingCare, the best!
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    Quote Originally Posted by reverendrhino View Post
    I suggest RingCare, the best!
    I second that! The program is great and the Tech Support with Ringcare is, hands down, the best!

    You can get Ringcare HERE!

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    I FINALLY have LightWav working WONDERFULLY on my Centro

    but on my 755, it didnt work at all...

    Lightwav is great, along with Ringcare.

    Good luck!
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