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    Iambic's first game, Ababall is out and it has gorgeous graphics on the Prism, good gameplay and 32 levels. Only $9.95 thru the 15th of June.
    Ababall homepage
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    Are you crazy!?
    I'm not about to waste 581K on a game! Granted the color is really cool, but still. Bleaaaagh.
    There are freeware games out there that are just as amuzing.
    P.S. I feel at home with geeks like you.
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    561k it looks like, from the site -- still, major league hefty, eh? Maybe a bit over-ambitious.
    Looks great, tho. The site design, too.
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    Yeah, it's a little bit big in size, but I think it's a good and beautiful game!
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    Originally posted by akur
    Yeah, it's a little bit big in size, but I think it's a good and beautiful game!
    I agree, it's a great game! It's actually 582K though -- I knew there was a reason that I had my Prism upgraded to 16MB
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    I'm impressed, but not speechless. It looks to me like a tacked up version of Javanoid. Plus, there's no grayscale version. Pooie. The game looks nice, but it's not as impressive as say, Dreadling. (of course, very little is!) I'm waiting for the day someone creates a 3D Palm game that blows everything else off the planet. For now, Dreadling & ZioGolf will do.
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    The manual said that the game frame rate is 50 fps. I think this is pretty impressive.
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    Yawn. I don't know what the big deal is about. What we got here is bloatware. There are already apps like this such as AtomSmash. The last thing we need is another Brick type game.
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    Originally posted by PastaGrrrl
    Are you crazy!?
    I'm not about to waste 581K on a game
    You need a MemPlug!!!!
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    Does anyone else think this game sometimes goes WAY too fast? I mean sometimes it will speed up soooo much that its impossible to get the paddle there.

    This game may have graphics but it lacks in features. Wheres customizabl controls? Wheres the level editor like in Atom Smash? Now thats awesome, I've got over 100 different levels for Atom Smash.

    Why couldn't Iambic come up with something even remotely original for their first game, whats next? A new version of giraffe with awesome graphics?
    Matt Nichols
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    Ababall was called Arkanoid on the Mac and this is a great version of it. It was one of my favorite time wasters. BTW, it is possible to play this game off the Flash module.
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    Hm, if I use the stylus for Ababall then the paddle speed isn't an issue. I prefer hard buttons though, what they should do is implement Atom Smash type control (1 set of slow buttons & 1 fast, up button launches the ball, down pauses). I love the graphics of Ababall but Atom Smach has soooo many more options.
    Matt Nichols
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    This game is fantastic! The animation is awesome... I'm completely addicted. I went to the site which is nice for posting your high score. I think I'll have to wait a while on that.

    I found a couple reviews if anyone's interested...




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    Agreed, great game if you have the memory. Hey if you can afford a prism, you can afford a memplug!
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    When ShufflePuck comes out for the Prism, that will be a big deal.

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