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    I have Meeting Maker and I have been syncing with my Centro without problems for a while now. One day I noticed my meetings were not updated, so I looked in the log file and nothing about meeting maker was in there (what I am used to seeing).

    My settings under "custom" are all the same and have never changed.

    I uninstalled the conduits via the meeting maker software uninstall.

    I then re-installed them and under "custom" I noticed it pulled my old settings (so I am wondering how to truly uninstall the conduits).

    Still nothing... nothing about meeting maker or datebook show up in the log. Please help!!!
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    thanks - yea that did not really help. Just like HotSync it shows the conduit is there. Its just not working.

    I have un-installed the conduit, and re-installed it many times... no dice. I even tried manually removing the .dll and re-installing and that did nothing (I expect the uninstall does the same thing). Once I bring my CD to work again, I will re-install palm desktop after removing the old one and start fresh. Hopefully my profiles and stuff won't be screwed up.
    This is stupid... there is no reason not to work and there is no conflicting conduits. Nothing even related to it even shows up in the log file.

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