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    I am thinking of moving from Office 2003 to Office 2007. But keeping Windows XP.

    Has anyone had any problems doing this and syncing their Treo 755p to Office 2007.
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    If you mean sync your 755p to Office 2007 with Documents To Go, the latest version supports Office 2007. I use it and have no problems.
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    I did exactly this and had tons of problems at first. But that was when office 2007 first came out. Now the new Hotsync, new Docstogo and everything else, you shouldn't have a problem.
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    I have switched over to Office 2007 and really like it. I changed the saved file format for word and excel to use the old .doc and .xls file type as opposed to .docx and .xlsx and things have been fine with my version 9 of Docs to Go. I had to install an updated outlook conduit that I downloaded from palms site and everything has been fine for me.
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    got it in mine, and it works fine... funny, for a while there my phone was sevens years ahead of my desktop (i'm lazy and cheap).

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