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    I've read conflicting reports on this. Can anybody say they have 4.9.3 running on the new ATT WM6 ROM? If so, how did you install it? If not I'd like to hear that too.

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    Ran fine for me except that autocomplete which is a WM feature and not to be confused with the GMM feature that turns words like "ive" to "I've" gave me problems. It basically treated each letter I typed in a word as if it were a new word. Most seem to not use this feature so if you disable it in the WM6 settings you will be fine.

    I installed it by clicking on the "Get Good" icon and when I put in my PIN the latest version of 4.9 was pushed out to me. Unless GMM has changed something I think you will have no problems doing this. GMM will tell you that 4.9 is not supported on your device but IMO you don't get any support from them anyway so what is the difference? If you need help this is the place to get it.
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    Thanks for your help. It sounds like a normal install will work.

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