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    I am wondering if Seidio has a time table for Centro batteries. I am kinda holding off buying a couple of Centro's until I can have a some spare batteries. Preferably with a little extra capacity.
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    Sorry, I will be more careful in my future postings. I had just noticed Seidio was currently online and my post was almost on the next page.

    Also, I had never heard that part of forum etiquette. I stand properly reprimanded. I will also ground myself from posting for 48 hours.
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    1. FYI, generally, it's not wise nor polite to bump < 24hrs after your post--heck you should wait days at least...
    2. Why not just, you know, email Seidio and ask? This is not a Seidio forum and they do not read every post here....

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    Yes, Seidio battery group is working on the extended batteries for Centro. They have not given me an ETA yet. As soon as I know, I will post it here.
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    For prior Treos, I avoided getting a bigger battery requiring a replacement back cover with a bulge. For my Centro, I would gladly get a bigger battery if it meant that it would come with a slightly different design for the battery cover.

    Given the difficulty I have in removing the battery cover with my Treo, I think that Seidio has an opportunity here to fix the two main weaknesses that I see with this phone: 1. Battery life. 2. A battery cover that is very likely to break with normal use.
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    I will buy one that is the same size of the current one with a bit more juice without having to get a bigger back cover! /waiting anxiously
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    A really cool thing for a super-extended-life battery, since they will need a new battery door (and new cases- love the hybrid black back and clear front!) anyway...

    Can a reset switch be included as part of the battery itself? Put a reset hole in the new battery door (and a corresponding hole in the optional case), and you have fixed not only the battery-life problem, but the reset problem. Since a Centro in a case would otherwise need to have both the case and the Seidio battery door removed for resets- such a pain. That would be Sweeeet!
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    Any updates?
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    We are definitely working on it, but unfortunately I don't have an ETA yet.

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    How about a charger for the extra batteries?
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