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    Hi I live in NYC and have a sprint centro and a POP time warner road runner email service. The problem with time warner is that you cannot use their outgoing server unless you are at home on their server. No one @ sprint can answer this question but what is sprint's outgoing email server and how do I configure it to send out my emails from the centro. My mail comes in from road runner but won't go out. On my ATT/cingular treo 650 I just used ATT's outgoing server but i con't get that info from sprint. Pls help, Mott
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    see this link about using the sprint smtp server to send your email:

    it worked for me, and i'm on RR also.

    note that although it's for snappermail, i used these instructions to configure versamail.
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    I too was having the same email problems. I could not send an email from Versmail. Since they have done an update everything is fine. Here is the link

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