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    I have tried PdaReach, but not handshare. Which is the best? I'm using it on the new, tiny Asus Eee. There are no other options for the 755p, right?

    I have tweaked memo-with Shortcut5 And TreoSelecText and understanding which symbols, #s and letters file in which order-into functioning as a journal and cookbook. PdaReach works fine at making it easier to update my memos.

    I haven't tried the PdaReach no hotsyn installation yet, but it sounds good. Handshare doesn't do this right?

    I took a phonecall while on PdaReach and everything was fine. What are phone pluses and minuses for each, concerning phonecalls.

    Can I do more though? There isn't much documentation.

    I cannot view Sprint TV on my PC, right?

    I cannot use any games that require tapping the screen, right?

    PdaReach displays about 1.5 larger on my Eee. Can a get it just a tad bigger? Is the screen adjustable? My screen is only about 3 3/4 inches tall so it can only display a tad bigger, so it's not that important.

    There is no way to be able to use all the sideways area of my screen with Documents to go is there? It just displays the screen as is?

    How about using Blazer? Can either app handle it? Can either app use the sidways area of my screen.
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    I don't know what PdaReach is but I can do what you say but with a different combo - maybe it would work for you?

    I can connect my 755p to my laptop if I am out of wireless range by either bluetooth or cable and watch my slingbox on my laptop rather than on my phones small screen.

    Although I cannot see my Sprint TV on my laptop.
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    I don't have cable TV or cable internet, so that won't help. I just have a small portable TV with an antenna, and pdanet. I actually get better TV on my phone than my TV :-) I actually wanted to watch a larger screen of Sprint TV at HOME.

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