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    Hi all,
    This little details is driving me nuuuuuuuuuuuts . I've searched the user guide, googled it, and looked on all the forums ...

    On my Treo700p, what is making the string 'br' expand to 'breakfast'. I have seen references to 'shortcuts' available in the 'prefs' screen. But I can not see it on the 700p.

    Where and how do you add text shortcuts on this device? I do NOT want to use 3rd party apps like shortcut5 for now.

    Thank you
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    if someone runs into my issues, here are your options ...

    1) For Treos >= 650, 'shortcuts' no longer show in 'prefs'. But they're there and you can use them. But you cannot add or modify. You are stuck with 'ts', 'dts', 'lu', 'br' and probably 2 more I can not remember now.

    2) install shortcuts5 (1.7) works splendidly.

    3) install native shortcuts on your own. See here

    4) If you can not like me because it conflicts with TextComplete which is more important for my use, install RNS's TreoShortcuts. It is nice. RNS products are always decent. This one does 2 things. It will restore the native palm 'shortcuts' (you have to reboot first). It will also allow you to dedicate a key to recall the shortcut symbol. End result, you can add/modify shortcuts and it is native to all apps on the treo.

    4) If you like none of the above, trash your Palm Treo, Get yourself a windows mobile because this feature is native to it with no extra hassle.

    This is just Palm's way of making the OS more friendly !!!

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