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    hey i just got my palm centro today and i am having some difficulties. i cant seem to install any applications from my computer to my centro. i follow all instructions and after i hotsync i check my phone and its like nothing happened. i dont know if i need to have palm desktop installed but after installation it seems like the only thing that installed is the hotsync program. i asked for help from my colleges computer technician and he really helped little. he said he thinks palm desktop does not work for the centro yet? that doesnt sound right. i know i am not the only one who cannot install applications. any help would be greatly appreciated.

    ps. im new to the palm os and the centro so please do not post anything if you are goin to be sarcastic or just plain stupid
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    What apps are you trying to install and have you already installed the Palm CD that was included with the Centro?
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    What OS is on your computer?
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    i am using windows xp pro and yes i have already installed installation disc that came with the centro. i am trying to install call record.prc ...i have also tried some other apps and still nothing is working
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    wen i try to double clicking the .prc file palm desktop tries to open it but it gets an error:invalid configuration. terminating the operation .... also i have yet to find the palm desktop software or succesfully even though it says its installed. i have tried repairing and reinstalling several times but still no help
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    You should run Tuneup Utilities 2007, free trial that will fix most PC problems. I'd restart the PC after installing it, run it, restart it and install the Palm software again. Some Palm apps don't work on the Centro. You should get the Palm software working regardless. Sounds like that's one issue you need to address first.
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    I think you just have a problem loading the software. you need the software installed on your computer to load apps onto your phone
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    Make sure you are installing it to the right user ID

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