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    I've been looking everywhere and it's driving me nuts. Does anyone know what the dots next to the "00" and "30" minute selections in the Set Time dialog for an event are? I'm assuming a shortcut of some kind, but I don't know which button to push... I tried dot, logically, and that didn't work.

    I can't remember if my PalmV had this or not! I doubt it with no keyboard... but you never know.
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    I think they are there as a visual guide to make some sense of the jumble of numbers that you see on the screen (it's not the best palm screen...). They don't appear have any other function.

    Oh... I could be wrong about this.

    - mvk
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    This has been bugging me ever since I got my first Treo 600 and started using a 5 way navigator to enter calendar events. I agree with you GreenHex - this is one of the worst designed Palm screens for one-handed navigation.

    There must be some significance to the Dots.

    So I just went and looked it up in the user guide (RTFM ) to see if it would tell us. But it didn't say anything about the dots. It didn't even have a screen shoot of that screen (at least not in the Sprint Centro user guide).

    However, I did find this small nugget of info that that will save me quite a bit of time.

    Creating an Event
    1. Press Calendar until Day view appears.
    2. Press Left or Right to select the desired day.
    3. Select New.
    4. Using the keyboard, enter a starting hour and minute for the event. (For example, enter 545 for 5:45.)
    5. Select the End Time box, and then select the ending hour and minute for the event.
    I never realized that I could type the FULL hours AND minutes directly into the "Start Time" and "End Time" fields. I have always navigated right and typed in five (5) for the hour and then navigated to the right again and down to select the minutes - then left, left, down, right, 6 (for the end hour), right down to select the minutes - then back left, left, down, down, down to get back to the even.... blah, blah, blah....
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    Quote Originally Posted by scheumanrj View Post
    I never realized that I could type the FULL hours AND minutes directly into the "Start Time" and "End Time" fields.
    Neither did I. Good find! Thanks!
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    You can only type in the entire time if the minute happens to end with a five or zero. I'd really like to be able to enter more precise times on the calendar. Does anyone know a way to do this? I'd also like to be able to use different time zones for the start and end time of an appointment (for instance a train or flight schedule).
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    I figured out how to edit the calendar records. It is a cumbersome way to do it, but it's always annoyed me that I couldn't enter a time not divisible by five minutes.

    I used a hex editor (Bird at to modify the records in
    CalendarDB-PDat. The appointments are sorted in chronological order. The first two bytes are the start time in hours and minutes, and the second two bytes are the end time-- so I just changed the value of second or fourth byte to get a precise minute.

    It is strange the way the date is stored. I figured that it was a serial date from 1904, but it is not. The year offset is equal to the first seven bits of byte five. The next four bits represent the month, and the day of the month is equal to the value of the last five bits of byte six.

    To change the start time of an appointment from 12:30 to 12:33, modify the second byte:

    0C 1E = 12:30
    0C 21 = 12:33

    Dec. 8, 2007 is stored as:
    CF 88 = 1100 1111 1000 1000
    Year=1100111 (103+1904=2007)
    Month=1100 (12)
    Day=01000 (8)

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