First time poster here, thanks in advance for any help.

I have a large messages database which I can navigate through without any problem, with the exception of one particular contact.

Whenever I get a text from her, I can see it on the screen but if I try to open it, reply, go to MSG, or just open it from the list of chats, my Treo resets right away. Same thing goes for trying to Purge or Deleting just that conversation. Anytime it tries to access any of that data, it resets.

I've tried a hard reset, manually deleting the Messages database and hotsynching, without any luck. As of today I am now a Resco Backup user, but this won't help me know since I didn't perform any backups until this problem started happening. I manually deleted the database and restored the one Resco backed up, but no luck. I assume it is just backing up the corrupt database.

- Anyone have any other ideas other than punting by deleting the messages database and starting over?

- Is there anyway to save all of the other chats somewhere else while I have access to them?

-Any PDB editors I could use to delete the chat with just that one particular user?