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    I've had a 700p for about 18 months now. It has its ups and downs, but overall has worked pretty well for me. Until now.

    A couple days ago, having been absent minded and forgetting to charge it, I had the battery die in the middle of a call. No problem, have a spare battery, swapped it in, called person back, went on with my day. Ever since then, my reception on the phone has been utter s**t.

    Places I used to get 3 or 4 bars reception, now I get 1 or 2. Places I got 2 bars or less, I get 0 or 1. Having calls drop on my end used to be a very rare thing that happened only in certain spots that truly had no reception (e.g. shadow of a hill). Now I'd say 80% of my calls are dropping on my end.

    I tried cycling the radio on and off, calling *228 to reprogram the phone, soft resetting the device, and finally hard resetting the device. None of these has helped.

    Anyone have any bright suggestions, or does it look like my hardware got damaged (wtf, from the battery dying?!) and needs to be replaced (damn one year warranty).
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    The substitute battery could be weak. And you may have permanently weakened your original battery by letting it run all the way down. That would be my guess - but then with these things - who knows.

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    I wonder if this problem has been figured out.

    I have almost same problem with Cheetah's. A couple of days ago, my battery had been drained overnight with a reason I was not aware of.

    After that, I get only 1 bar or no service where I used to get 3 or 4 bars of reception signal strength.

    I also tried cycling the radio on and off, calling *22803 (for Telus) to reprogram the phone and update PRL, soft resetting the device, and finally hard resetting the device. None of these helped.

    Any suggestion would be appreciated.
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    Problem solved!!!

    I have been using a short antenna from Last night I tried the stock (long) antenna and found the reception level came back to normal. I immediately sent an email to Treoantenna and asked if I could get a replacement or any way to repair/check it. I got a quick response that I was the first customer who complained about the product and suggested to check contacts.

    I checked both contacts and found the gold (copper?) metal plate seemed to make not so good contact with the green antenna sticker. I tried reinstall a few times but it didn't help. Finally, I bent the tip of the metal plate a little bit outward so that the Treo cover could press the bar toward the antenna sticker when the screw was fastened. Now the reception indicator shows even better than before. I suspect the contact was not so good in the first place.

    Hope this helps someone.

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