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    Since I got my 680 a few weeks ago, I've been exclusively utilizing PTunes for my MP3s (paid for the licensed version). I have also installed Softick Audio gateway (SAG), which works seamlessly with my bluetooth Motorola HT820 headset.... (which I happened to get on Ebay for $35 including S & H)... PTunes easily reads the MP3s off of my 2GB expansion SD card, and its interface is compatible with the buttons on my headset.

    It works great for me.

    My question is, I see that there are a lot of 680 users who want to get rid of PTunes...

    May I ask why?

    Is there an app that works better and has the compatibility with the SAG and bluetooth headset?
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    I paid for Ptunes on my 680 and have no regrets. I previously used Aeroplayer but dropped it due to lack of bookmarks.
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