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    I am just starting to use Versamail on my Treo. Whenever I send an email from my phone I get a copy of it in my inbox. Is there anyway to turn this off?

    Thank you in advance
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    are you using gmail through versamail?
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    Yes, I have a gmail account.
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    You must change that setting in options on your gmail web page.
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    I appreciate the suggestion, but can you be more specific as to what settings need to be changed. I have looked all through the setting in Gmail and I can't find anything.
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    this behavior is by design. This can help
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    This only happens with Gmail; it isn't a VM problem. Worse is that when you send a Gmail from another computer, it ends up in the inbox on the Treo as a new email. There's one easy way to fix that; run the new Gmail IMAP. Only the POP does that. If you haven't set up your account for IMAP, do it.
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    VM will not work with google IMAP
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    I didn't know that since it's new and I use Chatter, which handles it quite well.....

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