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    I am looking for a doc reader for my company. We own about 5 PDA's and several staff have their own. We are trying to put our SOG's on to the units. I have already gotten them loaded on to my VDX, however some concerns I have are:

    1. Need a program that will allow each of us to receive the SOG's as they are updated.

    2. If person A makes a change to a doc on that unit (it may not be a change that we want) will it change the master doc, or on the other units either. TealDoc seems to work the best to solve this problem, (however no ability to do the following).

    3. A reader that will support PDF. format.

    4. Allow each user to edit the doc as they see fit.

    I have used MakeDocW but some how I lose the formating in the conversion process. QuickWord is nice, but I am concerned with #2. above.
    Any help with this will be much appreciated.
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    I'll confess my ignorance to not knowing what an SOG is, but I suppose it's irrelevant.

    If I understand your needs correctly, you may want to take at look at the most recent version of Documents to Go (3.005, I think). It synch with Word, leaves the original format on the master document, and does a good job with PDF files.
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    1. iSilo and iSiloWeb will allow everyone to download the documents from a corporate internet/intranet site.
    2. This will not read PDF files. Adobe's reader for Palm OS will read them. The files are converted to PDB files and are larger than you might expect unless you are using Adobe Acrobat version 5 to make the files to start with. This won't edit on the Palm.
    3. I am not aware of a PDF reader on the palm that will let you directly edit a file. You might look at getting around the clipboard limitations and doing a copy-paste into a text editor.
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    I think Acrobat Reader for Palm OS is a good reader.

    But I have tried many PDFs on Palm and the conversion for the older version of PDF documents seems not so good!

    Can I do some conversion or by any other ways I can make them looks good on the reader?

    It seems that just those PDFs generate by Acrobat 5.0 have good looks on Palm...
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    My experience with the Palm-OS reader has been pretty good with older PDF's, though I am reading text-intensive documents. The deal-maker for me is that this converter respects columns. Most of the journals I read have text in 2 columns and most of the converters I have tried previously have shuffled the sentences like a deck of cards.

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