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    Just want to use my 700p bluetooth feature to connect to the internet when I do not have wifi access. I know this is possible but I have been researching and it does not seem to be as easy to do as I thought. I do not want to use the phone as a modem, but just the Bluetooth feature on the phone with the Bluetooth feature on my laptop. I was able to pair my laptop with the phone no problem but I can not access the web. I think my phone only supports DUN connection. It seems the laptop wants to use PAN connection for Bluetooth. If anyopne know how to do seemed so basic a feature...but a day and a half later its looking like its not possible.
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    What you want to do IS use the phone as a modem, just via BT. Look for the BT DUN hack on this forum.
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    Not sure this is what the original poster meant. He may have been asking a question that's recently crossed my mind:

    Is it possible to configure my Treo 700p (Sprint) in some creative way that allows me to use my Comcast cable connection for internet access for the Treo when using the Treo around the house? Either through Bluetooth on both Treo and home computer, or some variation of wireless network/router, etc.

    This is NOT, it seems to me, the DUN hack, where the object is to use the Treo's communication resources for the benefit of, say, a laptop.

    Thanks in advance,

    -- Mike
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    Take a look at PDANet ( and USBModem ( USBModem may be a tad bit faster, though PDANet is a breeze to set up and more stable.

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    I use this all the time when I travel. Very convenient in airports!
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    Again, all the references here are associated with running a laptop (or desktop) using the Treo's communication resources. Is there an equivalent hack somewhere for the reverse -- that is, to allow the Treo to use, say, a household wireless LAN or Bluetooth connection from desktop to Treo? This would not be nearly as useful (you'd have to be using the Treo locally around the house, where you might as well be using a desktop or laptop) but it could nonetheless often come in handy.....

    -- Mike
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    Search for "Reverse DUN."

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    Interesting....and worth exploring. Thanks to you both.

    -- Mike
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    I've heard anyremote works, try googling that see what you think
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    Quote Originally Posted by bclinger View Post
    Take a look at PDANet ( and USBModem ( USBModem may be a tad bit faster, though PDANet is a breeze to set up and more stable.

    Hello there. Hey, just happened to come back here today to see all the responses. Thanks folks. I have been working on getting this to work for a while now. Since I first posted, I finally tried the trial versions of both pdanet and usbmodem. Could not get pdanet to work but did get usbmodem to work. Its pretty solid too, I just can't seem to get the Bluetooth feature to work on it..but oh well...usb will be fine and the speeds are very fast. I wrote both for technical support for the trila verison but got a response for neither. Guess I will be sticking with usbmodem.

    If anyone know how to get the bluetooth to work on usbmodem..that will be grand but again thanks.
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    For me, PDANet is more stable and works well. I have tried the others, but setup is just a pain and PDANet just plain works.


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