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    sorry, I meant WatchM and can't edit my post in mobile version. Also, it's TeaPot, which I found at
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    Quote Originally Posted by brons1 View Post
    Originally Posted by Hdhntr23
    Any of the free apps have a countdown timer BESIDES BigClock?

    The one listed in Post #6 does. I use it all the tim


    Thanks for the tip on the Stopwatch app. I have downloaded and installed.

    Can you lay out how to set the countdown timer? I have set it, but cannot figure out how to make it work.

    Thank you.

    All I do is go to Menu/App/Set Timer. Sometimes I have to press Reset to get it to the new settings. After that, I just tap Start.
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    Thanks for the tip on Stopwatch. I was not hitting Reset. It now works.
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    WatchM is free and has a countdown timer.

    I use to use it all the time for Ebay to alert me when bidding is about to end.

    You go into WatchM.
    Click on the little bell icon in the lower right corner.
    Select one of the alarms you want to use. (you have 6 choices + Flash Alarm)
    There are two tabs at the bottom, Time and Misc
    Click on Misc
    select count down
    Then change the tab at the bottom back to Time.
    Now that you're on the Time tab, enter amount of time. Its in hh:mm:ss
    After you select ok, it will bring you back to all the alarm list.
    Now the one that you chosen for your countdown, select the "<<" next to activate it.
    You should start to see it count down.

    Unfortunately you can't select mp3s only the system default times.
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    which is the best application (free or not) to put a countdown to a certain date and time?

    if i was going on vacation and wanted to plug in a date and time of flight and be able to look at it every so often to see how many days and hours i have left until i am on the plane to relax...?

    any ideas?
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    WatchM works perfect for me.
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