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    I have a red unlocked 680 bought when they first came out (Dec 2006). I just held a new graphite unlocked 680. I immediately noticed a couple of differences:

    • the newer graphite 680 was lighter than the older red 680. The difference was only 5 grams, but more importantly the center of gravity was lower in the new 680, so it felt significantly lighter than the mere weight difference would suggest.
    • the newer graphite 680 had a smaller battery compartment or a bigger battery. In my older red 680, the battery would rest in the compartment by itself, then you could close the door. You could practically use it without the back door being on it. The only way to keep the battery in the compartment of the newer graphite 680 was to squeeze it while closing the door. The implication I see here is that I wonder if the newer one would fit the 1600 mah battery? (The fit was so snug I wondered if they had actually included a larger battery, but they had not.)
    • I think, but am not sure, that the battery doors had slightly different ways of latching closed.

    There were other differences that I had expected: the graphite's keyboard lit up (only the number keys on the red one light up) and thus the keys had a different feel to them. But I was really struck by the difference in weight (distribution) and battery compartment.

    Has anybody else noticed differences in older vs newer 680s? Have they tweaked the manufacturing slightly?
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    Did you check the hardware version, it might be possible that they made some changes.

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