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    My hosted provider is taking forever to upgrade from 4 to 5. I am looking to upgrade to a device that only will work with 5.0

    I see that I can download the 5.x device app for SD card install from the good website. If i install it on my new device will it play nice with the server still stuck on 4.x?
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    I vote No.

    But your more than welcome to try
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    I assume policies for hosted are similar to corporate Exchange GMM and your plan won't work because while you can install if the policy from your hosted account has you set to it will down rev your client.

    I agree with Darthkim and add persuade your admin to complete their 5.0 testing and upgrade. Keep in mind they may have financial or red periods that prevent upgrade during a window of time.
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    What if you are running Good 5.0 on the server and 4.9X in the device... will that work?

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    If that is setup in the policy, yes (re:TreoGreenhorn34 comment)
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    My company has not started running 5.0 on the server but they were able to push out the latest 5.0 client to me. It works fine although you can't enable some of the features such as one way sync from your GMM contacts to your Treo contacts and you can't insert attachments either.

    The one way sync is the biggest problem because when your phone rings you will get an "unknown" in the caller id field. Basically from the way it was explained to me GMM took out the ability for GMM to be read by your phone in 5.0 because they knew the server would have the ability to tell your GMM contacts to one way sync to your device--the problem is they didn't anticipate this situation where someone would run 5.0 on a device with 4.9 on a server and thus not have the ability to allow a one way sync. GMM claims they did this for security reasons.

    The work-around is to enable contacts sync in active sync which does the trick. The only problem is that if you update something in Outlook it will not make it to your native contacts until your next active sync which means you have to get back to your pc. Not that big a deal really for me because I am in my office and at my pc about everyday.

    Darthkim is clearly a great resource and knows much more about this stuff than I do and he might be right in advising not to do it --but I can tell you that it has worked fine for me for about 2 months (first on a leaked ROM and now on the official ROM) so in practice I have had no issues.

    My Good admin is aware I am doing this and actually has told the server to push out 5.0 to me when I click on the Get Good icon, so it can work.
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    wow- that's great to hear-

    I can see them not wanting to rush a server upgrade (rush being relative...). But what would they care of they let me run 5 on the device- I can't hose them.

    Anyone who's an admin, can you say if it's simple to do- do they just check a box next to my account to enable a certain version of the client? Or do they have to jump through hoops (and therefore likely to tell me no)?

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