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    Ever since I upgraded to a new 680 and installed the latest GL on it the text is disabled. I have people try to text me all the time and i do not receive a thing. Never had this issue with a 650 and the version of GL I was running before. I am not sure the version but it was 4.x. Does anyone have any suggestions. I have called AT&T and you can tell they get the deer in the headlights at the other end. I have also called Good and they say it is not their issue. HELP! My guys need to be able to text.
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    To be honest, this entirely sounds like a device or ATT provisioning issue. I haven't seen any SMS issues with Goodlink (outside of the DB lookup)

    I would do a hard wipe, then work on the SMS issue with ATT.

    THEN load GMM 5.0

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