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    I understand it is not a common request, but i need to add a new timezone (GMT -4:30) to my Treo680.

    Our knows-it-all leader has decided to change the Venezuelan timezone by 30 minutes.

    switching 30 minutes my clock is easy, but i usually need to attend international call conferences, and the treo was very helpful to get all timings right so far.

    Should i add a third party software in order to have to modify the time zone list?
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    I am using the 700p, and it doesn't look like there is an option to specify a time zone that is not included in the database. You can use Palmary Clock, which will let you change the time zone offset for any city in 15 minute increments, or you can try this (works on a 700p):

    Change the home city to something other than Caracas. Using Filez (, Select the "locLCusLocationDB" file in RAM. Select "Edit" from the File menu. Find the record that contains Caracas (default on the 700p is Record 11). Edit the first two bytes from FF10 to FEF2. (This is a signed word value representing GMT offset in minutes). Change the home city to Caracas if desired. It should now report the time there as GMT -4:30.

    It took me a while to figure this out, because it wasn't entirely obvious

    Here is a link with information about the change:

    Venezuela's clocks go back 30 minutes at 03:00 on Sunday, Dec. 9 (0700 UTC).
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