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    I did some searching and can't find anything on this subject. Often, but not always, when I turn the screen on while in Pocket Tunes, it gets turned right back off once or twice in a row which is very annoying. Has anyone else encountered the issue I'm having?
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    I had that problem...seems like I had a setting wrong.

    I had it happen tonight while retreiving gmail with Sprint Mobile Email. I have my screen set to stay on for 3 min.

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    Well I'm glad to hear at least one more person has seen this issue. I'm wondering if it is because I turned the screen off myself instead of letting the "turn screen off after 30 seconds" do it and when I turn it on, the 30seconds is up so it turns it off?
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    Try this:

    Go to prefs-advanced prefs-uncheck Blank screen while in other apps
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sambo41 View Post
    Try this:

    Go to prefs-advanced prefs-uncheck Blank screen while in other apps
    Why don't I have an "advanced prefs" selection in my Treo? ?
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    Try PocketTunes -> Preferences -> Advanced Preferences.
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    I'm having that problem, too, and it doesnt have anything to do with Pocket tunes. It's really annoying. It seems to happen whenever I turn it on with any of the buttons. The only time it doesn't happen is if I turn it on with the red power button. Ugh!

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