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    Ever since I upgraded my Mac to Leopard, I can't seem to send files to the mac via bt or vice versa. Anyone else have this problem?
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    Both devices are paired with each other and syncing works fine. But when I select the mac as the device to send to, the Palm just spits back "unable to send". In the Mac OS X bluetooth preferences I see the the connect light for the treo 650 blinks for about half a second then stays dark. Strange.
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    I'm just seconding your issue... exactly the same thing is happening to me! Sure hope someone can share some words of wisdom soon!
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    I'm having trouble just pairing my Treo 650 (Verizon) and MacBook. I've got a Moto E815 which paired and works fine, but it doesn't see the Treo at all when I try to pair.
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    I HAD the same issue:

    File sends FROM mac TO Treo all fine

    But since upgrading to Leopard I can no longer send FROM Treo to Mac.

    Found a fix:

    1. Open System Preferences on Mac

    2. Select "Sharing" preference pane

    3. At the bottom of the list - turn on BLuetooth Sharing - then configure to your heart's desire on the right side of the prefpane. (note - I could only get this to work by selecting that the mac should: "accept and save" transfers, and also that it should insist on "pairing")

    4. I also needed to turn bluetooth off on both phone and mac - then on again.

    And now works all fine!

    I will add it to the list of unnecessary time I have had to waste thanks to the number of things that didn't work in 10.5 that used to work fine/effortlessly in 10.4......... and I will definitely think long and hard before ever upgrading my OS again. I've been with Apple 13 years and NEVER had such a flakey OS update as this one - even the change to PowerMac - or the change to OSX was smoother than this and they were total rewrites!
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    Thanks for posting a solution, rw5373. Sadly, it does not work for me. I did just as you instructed, yet my Mac still won't recognize my Treo.

    This is so frustrating! All I want to do is send the occasional text file from my Mac to my TREO, or vice versa!

    Often, while travelling, I can get internet access using my Treo, but not my MacBook. In those cases, sometimes I just want to type on my Mac, then send the text over to my Treo to be sent-out as email.

    Anyone have any ideas?



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