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    I can't sync docs via Documents to Go directly to my 6gb card. The error is that I have run out of space, even though I have ~40% available capacity.

    I believe DTG looks to Card Info for available capacity which indicates that "2331.0 MB Free of 1719 MB" and therefore thinks there is no more space.

    I really wish I could sync DTG docs directly to expansion card with this 6gb. Any work arounds?

    I can sync to handheld and then on the handheld, "move to card". However, if I modify the document on my computer, the same error happens.

    I've emailed Dataviz and will post the outcome.

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    Have you downloaded the latest version? There's a new version from the one that the Centro comes with. It may still have the same problem but I just wanted to make sure you knew there was a new version.
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    Follow this thread...,56701.0.html

    Try bumping up your card's memory to have less than 2gb left...

    it may have better luck working with your card
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    I had a similar issue with Audible Player, and the syncing with iTunes on OSX. It would fail trying to copy, and I eventaually realized it's because it was incorrectly reading the available space. I synced one file fine, which I needed to do to authorize my account, and then drug the rest over using Card Reader. It appears that while the 6gb cards will work, some apps get hung up by the fact that the available space is reported incorrectly.
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    Thanks for the advise.

    I've definitely packed more than 2gb in the card and I can definitely transfer data via Windows Explorer, etc. DTG just doesn't like my expansion card for syncing.

    Also, I have the latest version 10.002, according to DataViz. Same problem arises.

    I'm still waiting on what DataViz has to say. Will post the outcome.
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    it definitely sounds like it is an OS limitation... since the OS can see the space left inaccuratrely, the rest of the prograMS seem to be behaving like that...

    That really conflicts what the findings of other people are in the thread i pointed to above. There is one user saying once he got his 8gb card to go over 4gb, the palm was behaving as if it was working with a 4gb card and he was able to install even docs2go docs thru hotsync.

    This really sucks because i was really leaning towards buying a 6gb card for myself as well...

    can you install other items to your card aside from Docs2Go items? would you happen to use Missing Sync? How does it behave with the 6gb card?
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    I do not use Missing Sync. The only other app I have installed on exp card is NVBackup. I have over 3gb of music and movie on the card all of which were transferred via card reader. Centro reads all the media and NVBackup fine.

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