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    I purchased Sprint's brown leather "Universal Small PDA Case" for my Centro and it was a huge mistake. The inside is suede and it turned the keys on my keyboard brown! Here are some pics:

    Nothing I've tried has gotten rid of it. I'm contemplating whether I want to go through the hassle of returning it or just live it with it. Sprint should be ashamed of themselves for selling such garbage.
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    Return it.
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    I bought a black leather horizontal clip case for my black Centro from the Sprint store and have no dye transfer to my keys.

    Maybe you got a case made from a cow with bad skin and the dye didn't take. I would return the case and Centro to Sprint. I would suspect they would change out the Centro since the dye stained the keys.

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    did you try the bleach on a damp paper towel trick I suggested?
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    I'd try that idea if I planned on keeping it but why bother? Just get a new phone and your money back on the case including shipping or whatever. I don't know what might happen with the bleach or other detergent since the keyboard already absorbed the dye.
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    call sprint thats a flaw in there item there should be a recall on the case tell them you want a new phone because its ruined

    i would sound very mad and threating tell them you will take it to a higher level then customer support
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    yeah call sprint. thats messed up
    Red Centro on SERO, ftw
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    By all means call Sprint but I would not be angry and threatening at all. That never works well. Be sure not to alienate the person you speak to. They did not drive over to your house and ruin your phone/case. Be firm but polite. Be upset but I would stay away from the threatening. You catch more flies with honey. Make the rep feel your pain as his own..... that usually gets results.
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    Thanks for the replies everyone! I have contacted E-Care (that's how I bought my Centro) and am awaiting a response. (I was quite polite) I tried the bleach thing Ame suggested and it didn't work. If Ecare will send me a new one without me having to send my current one in first, I'll go for it, otherwise I'll live with it. Luckily everything is backed up so switching over wouldn't be too hard. I ordered a new leather case (not from Sprint). This one has a nice silky lining. :-)
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    Shouldn't you be able to swap it at a store/service center or a real Sprint store? I wouldn't keep it no matter what but it would be a pain if you were out a phone for a few days. I'm so ticked I'd go afa getting a new line with a Centro and keep it and cancel the line. Something like that as a last resort. You should be able to swap it somewhere but wait a min. aren't you in NY?
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    Yep, I'm in NYC. I don't know if I can because I got it online. I think they have to send me a return kit. I'm still waiting for a response from Ecare.
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    I don't see why, as long as you go to a real Sprint store, not the 99.999% fake ones. Sprint is Sprint, its under warranty and or insurance and it shouldn't matter where you got it, especially from Sprint. I could be wrong but once they say you need to send it back first I'd be right over to the store before they hang up.

    I'd find out where that Sprint store is first, ok, I'd call that Sprint store and run all of this by them first. It could be straight forward and faster than all of this. I'd say should be but I don't know.
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    I just heard back from Sprint. They said I needed to put in a claim with Asurion? That makes no sense to me-they don't cover cosmetic damages!

    I might take it over to the local Sprint Store and see what they say-but even if they exchange it won't I get a refurb? I'd rather have my brand new Centro with a brown tinged keyboard than a refurb with a clean keyboard.
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    No, no, no. Start over. Do you have insurance? It should be covered, you can call and ask about this issue even better would be to see it in writing, that it isn't covered. We're trying to see that you can swap phones like everyone else has on here afaikafaikafaik $with$ $no$ $down$ $time$.

    There are different issues going on but the bottom line is you need a new phone with no down time. I think the Palm route under warranty let's say probably has a down time for shipping the phones, assuming this is even covered. I don't think that this happens to other keyboards so it should be.

    It should be a no brainer to Sprint that the case you purchased from Sprint caused the damage. Anyone at a real Sprint store will fix this immediately and will refund the case even.

    I don't think the people on the phone get it or can do anything but cause down time by swapping phones and that's why the best bet is a real Sprint store.

    Don't take no for an answer, speak with supervisors if you need to and get names. I really don't see why this is an issue but I say this just in case. Let me know if you need help finding a real Sprint store.
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    Ok, I get at Sprint when I need to call them. I thought I'd have some fun today. The reps on the phone don't understand what I think I just found out is called a third party store and a corporate one. I was on hold while one rep. went to speak with a supervisor and transferred me to no where.

    I called right back and the second rep. spoke with two supervisors who said there was no such thing. I told the rep they were wrong and to speak with another supervisor.

    Two phone calls, two reps, three supervisors and about a half hour of my time I figured out that the store locator list online does list the real Sprint stores! They are listed as a Sprint Store and have a Store Number.

    The list is short at first and I think listed by distance so they can be hard to find. I had to click Show All, all 99 stores to find one in Manhattan. There is one at 170 Broadway, (212)233-5727. I'd go in and see what they say and go from there. I think this is the only one in Manhattan, there are others around though. HTH.

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