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    which back up app does anybody recommed tealbackup, nvbackup or resco?
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    There are bunches and bunches of threads covering your topic. A search will get the information you are wanting.

    I have tried all three and picked the last.

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    I guess they all do work the same. I prefer NVBackup. It has saved me a number of times. I have it scheduled to automatically back-up at 4:30 am.
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    I use Resco Backup.

    As Ben said, there are bunches of threads on this subject. If you don't want to spend any money, go with NVBackup.

    If you want a trouble free backup solution that will backup your photos in the device memory also, go with Resco Backup v. 2.01.2 or newer.

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    I use BackupMan. I noticed it hasn't been mentioned above.
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    NVBackup works great. You might as well try it first since it's free.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TurboTiger View Post
    I use BackupMan. I noticed it hasn't been mentioned above.
    Good Luck

    I used BackupMan until it wouldn't restore for me after a crash. Since then, I have used Resco, and restore many times.
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    Resco backup and NVBackup here.
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    Using BackUpBuddy - works just fine.
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    I've used NVBackup for almost a year now on my 700p. Its backing everything up (2 cycles so I always can go back to days if needed) at 4am and doing a soft reset so I get a fresh Treo every morning. I have had my treo die many times (quite often before the 700's MR was released - does much better now!) and NVBackup has saved me ever time! I highly recommend it!
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    Backup Buddy here. Great customer service too.
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    I use BackupMan but also own a copy of Resco. I don't think you can go wrong with either one.

    You definately want one (like the two listed above) that can be scheduled to backup automatically, unattended (like every evening).
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