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    ok, so I'm trying to register my information with Dataviz to get my update from them on my phone. when filling in the boxes I can make it to step three. once I make it there the text box will not hold my email adress. eveytime I finish typing it and go to the next box it will dissapear! even if I do it last I will hit next and it wikl dissapear.

    I have reset my phone but it keeps doing it.

    any suggestions?
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    I had the same thing happen, I ended up registering directly on the website from my PC. I was prompted for registration again on my Centro afterward and it went through with no problems. Seems like a bug on dataviz's side.
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    oh, thankyou.

    ill register online and see if it will work like it did for you
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    i registered on the dataviz site, but it still wont take my email in the registration on the phone
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    Try a diff address. It took me 3 addresses before one worked. Gmail was the only one it took.
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    oh that's gay. I don't have a gmail account. ill call them sometime
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