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    My centro keeps cycling (restarting) out of no where and also when i click on options and sound preference my phone restarts automatically.. can ne1 suggest what i can do to solve this? thanks

    Also when i type in ##377# i get a system error log stating A reset was caused on 12/3/07 at 6:44 while runing "sound & Alert" Datamgr. c, Line:7642
    Invalid unique ID passed
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    Have you installed any applications on it? Meaning anything that didnt come already on the phone?
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    My Palm Centro keeps restarting itself also, and I haven't installed any applications that aren't already on the phone. I've taken it into Sprint to have it looked at, they replaced the battery and I'm still having issues. Any ideas??
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    Try a hard reset.
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    Make sure you know what you're doing before doing a hard reset. I'm more concerned with how they figure it was the battery? Good thing they didn't think it was your kidney.
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    they did a hard reset in the store... still doing it.. im taking the phone back i think

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