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    When I leave my treo off for a while (over 5 mins) and come back to wake it up using the red button, it takes it about 3-4 secs to wake up. However, once up, I can shut it off and on fine. It is only when I leave off for a while.

    Any idea where to start troubleshooting this odd behavior?
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    started to notice the samething a delay with the red button
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    I've noticed both a delay in the wake up and shut off with the red button. This has been for quite a while. Just assumed it was something I was using on the phone.
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    Mine has always taken a long time to respond. I had always thought it was due to using KeyGuardTime...from red key press to live: 3-5 seconds.

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    Thank you all.

    Mine has been resolved. I mistakenly or unknowingly turned on an option in 2Day to show upon wakeup (under operations). Once i disabled it, it now turns on just fine with no delay.
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    I always attributed this to some background data activity going on such as Chatter passing information. I have noticed the delay happening less when I went back to the default/built-in keyguard.
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    I have a 755 & notice same thing. I do not use today & it is not chatter. this is just one of the "bugs" of owning a treo. treos suck azz!
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    I noticed this behavior when I had TreoHour (a Freeware app by GreenHex) enabled but not when disabled so I got rid of it.
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    Ok, I have a centro and mine I can't seem to wakeup without taking the battery out. I push the button several times and have even held it down for 2 to 3 secs. Am I missing something?


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