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    Hello all

    With Palm OS applications you have downloaded from the internet, such as Minitones, can these be placed on the external memory card for usage? Or must they take up the internal 64 MB of memory in the actual phone in order to be used? Thanks!!

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    Depends on the app. Some need to be ON the phone, some can be on the card and can run from the card. Others can be on the card but require the same amount of memory to be available on the phone itself to run.
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    Generally speaking... if it's an application that runs in the background, it needs to be in RAM. If it's an app that just runs when you load it, it can be put on the microSD card.
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    Ame is correct. However, even the apps that will run from the card have to show up in the Palm Apps list. Otherwise the Palm doesn't recognize that they're even there.

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