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    i downloaded a few third party apps the other night. they came in zipped folders. when i open the zipped folders all the files are there to transfer to my centro with the quick installer, but even the .prc's will not transfer.

    i just now put an app on that was not in a zipped folder and it worked fine. anyone have any ideas why it wont work?
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    You have to extract them from the zipped folder first. Are you using WinZip? Click the big "Extract" button after you've opened the zipped file, pick a location to extract the files to, and you're all set. Install them from there and all should be fine.
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    wow, i feel stupid. thanks for the help.

    i searched through all the wiki and this board trying to find out why it wouldnt take it!!

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    You can use Versamail to open ZIP Folders and install .PRC Files directly from/to your phone.
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    I don't have veesa mail on my phone as its not free on my plan.

    I've been working with programs where you just dump a zipped folder into it and it uncompresses evertything for you. so its been a while since I've had to hit that button.

    thanks again
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    Versamail comes with Palms and your not gonna actually going to use it to send any data. Either way just another option.

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