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    Sorry if this has been covered - the search I did gave too many results to be helpful - but I just did the VZW upgrade to version 1.10 (out of necessity) and have two questions:

    1. The Phone application's menu bar no longer shows the current carrier, but i is still live (i.e. tapping on it still brings up the Record/Edit/Options menus). Is this normal? If not, is there a way to reinstall just the Phone application?

    2. Is it really necessary to install the Versamail upgrade as commanded on the Palm website if you have no use for Microsoft push email? If so, how do you even do that update? I didn't see a PRC file in the download, just a Mac program that I'm not really interested in installing.

    Many TIA.
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    1. Dial *228, then select Option 2. The carrier will return.
    2. I use Snapper, so I can't help you on this one.
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    dcpmark, you are The Guy. Thanks very much.

    Now I have to research Snapper to see whether it's better...
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    Does anyone know why the carrier name is missing after the upgrade?
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    After the update the phone has to be re-programmed, thus the carrier dissapears from the phone app until to re-provision/re-program with *228 option 1. Option 2 updates the roaming list.

    The Versamail update is required only if you had Versamail installed previously and/or you want to keep using it. It does make a huge difference BTW using the latest update...
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    I am wondering is this update worth it? I am on 1.06 now and I don't know if I should upgrade or not, any advice would help.
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    The update is worth only if you have experienced the following:

    -Bluetooth connectivity issues, i.e. headsets not pairing to the treo, random resets when BT headsets are connected.
    - Extreme lag and or freezes.
    - Music skips and/or stutters when using pocket tunes or any other MP3 player

    However, not all Treos 700p out there have the same hardware revisions that would allow you to upgrade to _1.10 without problems. Many users (myself included) who updated manually found out that the phone had more problems after the update.

    The only thing that seems safe to do is contact your carrier (Verizon or Sprint or whatever) and make them send you a factory-refurbished unit. It may actually take you a couple of rounds to get a unit that works great BTW, but if you're lucky the first one you get will be operational.

    For the record, I went through 4 Treos to get to a decent usability level. I am now somewhat satisfied with my phone... notice I did not say happy, at the first opportunity I have I'll switch the phone to something better!
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    My 700p was only a doorstop last night. I did the Verizon 700p Update from
    Treo700p-1.10-VZW to Treo700p_-1.10-VZW. (Only for Sprint or VZW)

    It actually became a phone again. But this morning, it was a hockey puck. F___ it. I took VZW's offer to replace it with any phone they carry. That was easy-I unloaded a monster rant on the poor rep about how I had learned to hate Treos and Verizon.

    I went to the store today and got a new 755p. And I talked them into not charging me for the 2 GB micro SDcard that replaced the 2GB SDcard that I had in the 700p. So far so good. But I cant use the 700's batteries or stylus'. Cables/chargers are interchangeable. I dont know if the Speck Tough Skin fits, cant find it. Conditioning the battery now. Gotta get at least a 2200mAh spare if not the 3200. I collected 7 or 8 spare 650/700p batteries from all the replacements VZW did, but I cant use em now. Oh well, at least maybe I'll have a phone that isnt just a pretty ashtray.
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