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    I have a treo 680 with at&t as the carrier. I want to get a gps like garmin or tom tom with bluetooth feature. Could anyone advise which gps bluetooth is compatible with the 680's bluetooth feature?
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    My Treo 680 pairs well with my Garmin nuvi 360. My wife's Treo 700p didn't but I have not tried the Bluetooth patch.
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    Thanks. Could u also tell me is it necessary to have a data plan on the phone(in case of at&t or any carrier for that matter) in order to sync the bluetooth with that of gps?
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    No data plan is needed. You're just using the GPS unit like a Bluetooth speakerphone.

    BTW, get a GPS with "text-to-speech" so you'll hear the street names rather than "turn in x meters".
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    thanks. I guess then the garmin nuvi 360 would be a good choice; it does have text to speech.

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