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    forgive my ignorance on this but some help would be great. I have tried connecting to the internet using my phone with no luck. sprint said 2 things that trouble me.
    1...i am on the fair and flex plan an they say that I can't upgrade to a plan to allow the phone to be used as a modem.

    2...along with that jewel of info they said that sprint has this phone programed to recognize the attempts to connect as a modem and it won't happen because sprint provides a different password specifically for signing on to use the phone as a modem.

    as a bonus and a flicker of hope the operator simpathized with me because he had the same plan and offered to me that I "could do some research on the issue and perhaps find a way around this obstacle". my guess is that he has succeeded in conquering the problem but since he was being monitored he couldn't help me directly.

    is there anyone out there that can help. I had a crackberry and this was never an issue.
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    Above is a link to the program that I use with my 700P on Sprint. Just don't over do it.
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    what do you mean to not over do it?
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    There are countless posts in this forum discussing this topic.

    There are basically three solutions:

    USB Modem

    Then the free solution:

    Good Luck
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    thanks I have a PC laptop that uses windows so I will check into the PDAnet and see if that will work for me. as for your suggestions, they will help my wife since she has a Mac.

    thanks again.
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    I use PDAnet and I love it. Works everytime anywhere I've needed it. But like the earlier guy said, just don't use it constantly, they'll catch on.
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    I believe the only one that works with a mac is USB modem but I could be wrong.
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    Quote Originally Posted by syphex View Post
    I believe the only one that works with a mac is USB modem but I could be wrong.
    USB Modem works fine on the Mac (Bluetooth or USB connection), or if you just want the Bluetooth, the free solution mentioned above works fine. What's sweet about the free solution using the Bluetooth tethered mode DUN hack is that you don't have to wake up the Treo or even take it out of your pocket/holster to connect.

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