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    I have a Treo 755p on Sprint and have my email pushed from an exchange server at work. When I use Versamail everything works fine except whenever I receive an email, the 755p wakes up and the screen turns on for about 6 seconds which seems to burn battery life. The anaology is like turning all the lights on in the house everytime the house telephone rings. I would like to have the Treo 755p just vibrate each time I receive an e-mail without turning itself on. I have looked for and tried 3rd party solutions (like Butler) to get around this issue but the best I can do is get a vibrate and a flashing screen for a couple of seconds which also still seems to burn the battery life. I had the same problem on my Treo 650 but worked around it through Sprint Business Connection (with monthly charge) to get the phone to just sit quietly and vibrate each time an email is received. Even though Sprint doesn support Sprint Business Connection on the 755p, I have found a work around (install Business Connection, Rename files, Delete Business Connection, install Sprint Mobile e-mail). This works exactly how I want it to but I would prefer to use the built-in Versamail so that I can avoid having to keep a redirector open on my computer at work and also avoid the monthly Sprint Business Connection fee. Any ideas or is this just a limitation of Versamail? If it is a limitation, hopefully someone from Palm will read this and realize they need to upgrade Versamail to take care of this issue.
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    I would not think that 6 seconds of the screen being on would kill the battery all that much unless you are getting a lot of emails every hour. (Just to put in in perspective, the 755p should be able to run an entire 2 hour movie with the screen on without completely draining. 6 seconds compared to 7200 seconds for the movie isn't that big unless you are talking 100s of emails a day.)
    I would expect that keeping the data connection open is the bigger battery drain. Have you considered lowering the screen brightness at all? That can improve battery life.
    Also bear in mind that the battery capacity of the 755 is smaller than the 650.
    Beyond that, I have no other helpful ideas.
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    Thanks for the input cavingjan. It do get 100s of e-mails each day and I agree it does seems strange that it would have such and affect on battery life. I suspect you may be right that it may be how the data connection is kept open using Versamail. In any event, it would be nice to be able to turn off the awake feature so my pocket doesn't light up each time an e-mail is received.

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