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    All of a sudden,people are telling me that there's static with incoming and outgoing calls...I can hear them clearly though...

    So I am not sure whats going it the phone or cingular network...if its the phone...then whats going on?...

    Has anyone been through this...can anybody help..

    thank u...
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    I know its not anyone's problem...can anyone even suggest whats going on..

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    I've been noticing reception problems (unclear on their end, & dropped calls) as well. Did you just get your phone? I just bought mine day after thanksgiving.
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    I've had this phone for 11 1/2 months now..
    It was occuring randomly initially but it had finally given up last week..

    Thank god...they said this problem has become a common thing and they replaced the equipment for me..

    Just a suggestion guys, if you are having any kind of problems dont call AT&T(if u r their customer that is..)..they wanted me to buy a new phone and when I called palm they wanted a whole bunch of paper work along with the phone and offered to repair it for 199$...(i'd rather buy a new phone with that!!) I took it to a AT&T store who mentioned that cingular replaces defective equipment upto 1 year..

    So if u r having problems dont wait too long..these people have a lot of catches...return the defective equipment right away...after all u paid for it...

    good luck...

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