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    My IT dept upgraded our server to 5.0, thed pushed the handheld u pdate to my Treo.

    After installing it, it reboots the Treo and eventually launches Good Messaging-but it's the same old version-

    However, when I select "applications" in the options menu, it says "Good messaging installed"

    I know it's still the old version, as everything looks and behaves exactly the same. There's nothing else I seem to be able to do. The only other idea I had was clicking the "GdInstall" Icon-but when I do that, nothing happens.

    Has anyone experienced this? If so, what's the issue? If not....what do you suggest I do?

    Thanks for your time,

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    the software FINALLY installed and I'm running 5.0 now. My first major issue is that i still don't seem to be able to attach things in email and I know this is supposed to be a new feature.

    Any ideas?

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    The attachment function (and ... every new feature in 5.0), must be enabled by the IT side for it to work.

    For obvious security reasons, they are not enabled by "default"

    Check with your GMM Admin to see. He should see a new field in the area where you would restrict attachment downloads. He should see a upload area as well. Merely upgrading the server and client to 5.0, does not enable the new functionality.

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