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    Hey guys,

    I was toying around with my friend's centro the other night and I ran into a question. Previously he had taken a picture of his kids, and somehow assigned it to be his wallpaper on his dial screen. I was somehow able to find where to change that, as he wanted his dialpad to be set to the phone screen.

    I'm also typically used to being able to view the display options on my T|X, where you can browse applications with all of the catagories, and if you hit the home button again there are favorites there. You can change each screen to be a different wallpaper, by clicking the upper left corner, and selecting display options.

    On my friend's Centro however, two things came up. First of all, I did not see any display preferences what so ever to be able to change his wallpaper when browsing his applications. Are you able to change the background of that at all, or are you basically stuck with the theme that you select on the Centro?

    Also, the picture that he had taken and accidentally set as his phone dialer background, when I went into his pictures I did not see it there; only two pictures I had taken earlier. What would have happened to the picture? I'm assuming, and please correct me if I'm wrong, that if you take a picture and you assign it directly as a wallpaper, if it isn't saved and you change away from that, then it's gone forever. Is that true?
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    In order to wallpaper your application screens you need to install a 3rd party launcher. I use TreoLauncher for that.

    As far as the phone dialer, you can have either wallpaper or the dialpad, unless you install some kind of phone app that allows you to wallpaper below the dialpad.

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