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    Is it possible to tether the Centro, to use it as a wireless modem? I seem to recall reading something about it, but now I can't find it. TIA!
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    You can use the software USB Modem from mobile stream. But you have to pay around $25 for it.
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    PDANet works well too.
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    But one needs to buy a "phone as modem" (PAM) plan for $39.99/month, right?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxy View Post
    But one needs to buy a "phone as modem" (PAM) plan for $39.99/month, right?
    Not with PdaNet or USB Modem. Just don't tell Sprint.
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    PDANet 4.11 works like a champ. Easy to install and easy to use.

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    Do both of these programs hide the fact from Sprint that you are using your cell phone as a data modem?

    I saw some post about a hack you needed to install on a Treo to hide the fact you are using the phone as a modem. The posts were rather this still the case?

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    I think the other threads said to use at your own risk. Bush can see everything, I mean Sprint.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnH59 View Post
    PDANet works well too.
    PDA Net USB Modem will only allow you to teather to your laptop....they will not teather to a PDA.

    Gotta have PAM to teather to PDA.
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    I have used PDANet in the past and really don't mind using it again but I was wondering if anyone out there with an unlimited data plan has used thier SERO/Centro to tether to thier laptop to connect without PDANet or the DUN hack? If so, what was you experiance?

    Thanks in advance.
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    I've used PDANet, and only for testing/playing with it. I wanted to have the ability for the rare times I might travel with my laptop. It worked fine. Since I'm an infrequent user I think I would fly under Sprint's radar. I think that's the key to tethering...if you do it a ton your data usage might make them suspicious.

    Anyway, seems to work fine.

    ETA: I just posted this using PDANet and the Centro. No issues.
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    Unfortunately, PDAnet wouldn't work for me and I'm not sure about USB Modem, since the device I'd tether is a Nokia n800 Internet Tablet running Linux. Hopefully someone will figure out how to patch the Centro's phoneinterfacelibrary.prc file similarly to the 700/755p file, because tethering to the n800 works great on my 755p but I might be upgrading soon.
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    USBModem will work with the N800. Go to and do a search. Use either CENTRO or USBMODEM. Someone has posted step by step instructions.
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    Oh, awesome, I wasn't aware that it worked, thanks.
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    Another stupid question. If I enable the software in background mode, but never disable it, does that use more battery than having it disabled? I'm used to not having to touch the phone at all for DUN, since that's much more convenient.
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    This site is very impressive....
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    My two cents: USBModem works great for me and a good friend with the SERO plan (without Phone-as-modem plan).
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    I'm using PDAnet now with XP laptop but I'd love to use my smaller eeePC which has Linux on it. Anything that works with Linux?
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    I bought USB Modem, and it works well, but after I set that up I realized you can use the Centro as a BT modem without any add-on software. The modem settings in XP for USB Modem work perfectly for the built-in BT modem capability and the speed is about the same, but without the wire and without the need to run anything on the Centro side. So if you have BT working in linux you should be able to make it work.

    BTW I have an AT&T locked centro with a GOPHONE SIM card and pay $20/month for the "medianet unlimited" package. This lets me browse the web and get email from the phone and use the phone as a modem for my laptop when I travel. Just about everything works, and no special "proxy" is required.
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    It works that way for your plan, but it doesn't work that way for everyone.
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