I play tournament Texas Holdem each week starting at 6.00 PM and setup the following timer on the Centro to handle the blinds increasing every 30 minutes.

Start by Setting a Calendar Event as follows:

Select Date and Time and Enter Following Event Title

BLINDS $100 $200"

Select Details:
Start Time: 6:00 PM
End Time: 6:30 PM
SET Alarm: 0 Minutes

Category: Edit to create New "Poker" entry and select it. This will prevent viewing of your personal events if others look at your Centro. To do this. Menu/ "Display Options"/"Show Category List" must be checked. I also go to "Application"/"Prefs"/"Power" and set "Auto-off after: "1 Minute" to give time to see the Blind Amounts..

Select Repeat and Set:
"Other"/" 1 Week"/"No End Date" and Select "Day or Days" of play. Display may say something like: "Every week on Tue and Fri".

For Alarm Sound setup in Calendar, goto "Menu"/"Options"/"Sound Preferences"

Here you can play with the Alarm "Sound and Volume". Select "Manage" and "New" and you can even Record your own sound such as:

"The Blinds Have Just Gone Up".

If you generate any interesting recordings, share with others in this forum.

You are done with with Round 1.

For Round 2, select Event text and Copy and Paste to the next time slot. Now edit and follow the same steps shown above. which should look something like the following'

BLINDS $200 $400"

Start Time: 6:30 PM
End Time: 7:00 PM

Setup goes quickly after you have done a couple. You may even learn a couple of new features that you did not know about your Centro.

We run blinds as follow with $5.00 Entry & $15,000 in Chips:

$100 $200
$200 $400
$300 $600
$400 $500
$500 $1000
$1000 $2000
(Actual Play Typically Ends in this range)
$2000 $4000
$4000 $8000
$5000 $10000

Good Luck and Remember "Luck Wins over Skill Any Day"

Best Regards, FastFrank