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    Hello All,

    Because of a problem with my network I had to reinstall my server. Which of course meant that I ended up with a new PC user. At the same time unfortunately my phone went wonkey and I had to hard reset so basically I have the "backup" phone information on my PC - however when I try to run the Chapura or Hotsync software it says the installation is corrupt and I need to reinstall Palm Desktop. My concern of course is that I will loose all my phone stuff.

    Is there any thing I can do? For instance I found a folder in my existing palmdesktop folder called \Backup which seems to contain tons of files dates the last time I synced. Can I copy that somewhere, reinstall then copy those files back?

    Thanks for any and all help
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    Yes, your backup folder contains most of the files you need. All those files are either prc or pdb. After you reinstall PalmDesktop and establish a new user with Hotsync, you can install all these files the normal way with Hotsync. If they are corrupt, then there is pretty much nothing you can do. There might be a 3rd party app that can fix them though. Good luck.
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