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    I bought a Jabra BT3010 headset from the Treo Store. This is my first headset,so I am probably being an *****. I can't get the damn thing to stay in my ear! The ear clip is useless, it won't stay on either. Did I buy a piece of garbage or am I a true *****?
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    You probably just need to take it back and try a few others until you find one that works best with your ear. Every ear is different . . . as are bluetooth headsets. Some come with different sized earpieces . . . and some do not. Keep trying until you find a good fit.
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    I have a giant Macy's Parade Charlie Brown balloon head; BlueAnt Z9 headset is the best fit I've found. The earloop swivels, pivots and extends. John Merrick could get this thing to fit and stay comfortably!
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    Quote Originally Posted by BBossman1 View Post
    I have a giant Macy's Parade Charlie Brown balloon head...

    I have very small ears, and find it helpful to buy a headset with multiple ear gels included, so I can switch to the smallest size. I bought a Plantronics (but I can't remember the model #.)
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    Thats quite simple then. With a head that size (unless it is fulled with hot air) quite clearly BBossman1 is no *****

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