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    Anyone get this email/notification?
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    thats interesting... what is it supposed to be?
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    Yes, I got it but thought it was spam and deleted it. Don't know.
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    They released a public test application that looks like a widget application. The interface was very slick. Its Saguaro by the way and here is a nice little teaser a long while ago they showed off.

    Edit: Here is something more recent of the sneak peek.
    Palminfocenter-Saguaro Sneak Peek
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    It's pretty. That's it. Nothing more.
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    Well, its not Saguaro that is released it seems, its an app for widgets called Lineup. Looks nice, has a LOT of news widgets for now. Looking forward to the weather and clock widget. Finally getting some life in the GUI for Palm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by khaytsus View Post
    It's pretty. That's it. Nothing more.
    You might be thinking of the Saguaro sneak peak from a few months ago. They have now released a much more functional (and just as if not more beautfiful) app called LineUp, which is basically an RSS reader. Not bad, but not sure it's worth the memory (you need to launch Blazer to read the stories).

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