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    O.k., it took me a bit to figure out how the 755P operated, but I did get it. However, I'm not sure the Centro's works the same way.

    On the 755P, if I am on a call and someone calls in, I hit the green button to answer the other call. When I was done with that call I could hit the "hang up" button (red), and basically the phone would hang up, but the person on hold would "ring back". When they ring back I press the green key and they are there.

    I did this last night with the Centro and managed to hang up on my on hold caller. I thought the way the 755P worked was a little weird, but once I got used to it I was fine. And I came to appreciate that I was truly hanging up the line, rather than just "switching" the call and potentially leaving the line open.

    So is the Centro more straightforward? Do I basically have to press the green key to get my other caller back, never really hanging up on the other call? When I mean never hanging up on the other call...what I mean is if the person I'm talking to doesn't hang up for some reason, the line will stay open with them when I switch back to my first caller.

    I hope my question makes sense.
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    i think i know what you're talking about, unfortunately (or maybe fortunately ) i haven't had to use the call waiting yet, but if you go to the my centro support area, and go to the user guide, type call waiting in the find area at the top and that should hopefully answer your question
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    Well go never occurred to me to read about it there. According to the information there, what I thought should happen initially really SHOULD. But it didn't last night. The Centro should work like the 755P did, but in my case it hung up on both callers and the first caller never rung back like it should have.
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    how do you know the first caller didn't hang up on you?
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    She said the call was dropped. She didn't initiate it. And since I was keeping an open call on the other line I don't think it was a network dropped call. I think I actually hung up on her (inadvertently).

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