I attempted a firmware upgrade this morning on my Verizon Treo 650 and it failed after the second hot sync after what it appears was the firmware upgrade. After this, when attempting to synchronize with VersaMail, I am prompted to use the Verizon Wireless Sync software. I have already tried synchrozing over all of Palm data including the correct Versa Mail profile. Now, whenever I try and synchronize my device with my Exchange server, the VZW wireless sync application opens up and asks me to register and begin using this. I have never used nor seen this application prior to the software update. How can I remove the application or prevent this from happening?

ALSO, more importantly, after this whole problem, every contact that is less than a year old is no longer showing up in my Palm Desktop. The contacts no longer show up in PD, Outlook, or on my device. I have been able to locate the backup files from before the synchronization, but how can I attempt to recover this information? How can I even locate this.

This is extremely important and I am really turning to you guys as an absolute last resort after searching the internet through and through.