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    My company does not allow me to install Palm Desktop on my Company laptop. I currently hot sync to my personal pc at home.

    I'm wondering if I could use my personal PC to install the Palm Desktop software to a thumb drive and then plug that into my Company laptop and hot sync to the thumb drive?

    I was able to do something like this with Sling Player - just copied that directory to the thumb drive...and then it runs fine on the company pc via usb.

    IF I can do this - would I just always need to hot sync to that thumb drive (i.e. insert it into usb on Personal PC if synching there...or into Company PC if synching there?)

    Any drawbacks besides possibly losing the thumbdrive?

    Is it true that if I synched to the thumb drive and then separately to the personal pc that it would screw up my synching?

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    Can you install drivers? Without the drivers installed, your laptop won't recognize the treo even if the hotsync software would work. Have you tried talking to the IT department? They may not allow the Palm Desktop software but they might allow the conduits to be installed to Outlook (assuming your company uses outlook already).

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