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    my centro has been reset just sitting around at 3:00am and i do the log file and it says while running sprint mobile email is this some kind of update or something the app does on its own anyway to fix this
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    My 700p wakes up at 3am to talk to MyPalm Software. I'm on Sprint. A few times it has not gone back to sleep but has remained on with the MyPalm Software screen showing. Once in awhile it has reset then too, but very rarely.

    I think turning the phone off would stop the resets as would deleting the MyPalm stuff.
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    My Centro turns on and starts the connection to sprint at around 7am. I cant figure out why. I dont have Snapper set to check any emails. I dont have any programs set to check anything.
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    PalmInternals has the capability of looking at active alarms - it is worth a try. Ben

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