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    My trial period for Resco Explorer expired and I need to reinstall my phoneinterfacelibrary hack. I tried using "Filez" to copy into ram, but it says there is an "error copying" and then halts the procedure.

    I'm hoping someone has some insight into an alternative way to get PhoneInterfaceLibrary installed, something that doesn't use Resco's Explorer.

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    It sounds like the file is locked/being used by the phone. You can probably do what you're trying to do with Filez after doing a safe mode soft reset.

    1. Remove battery.
    2. Press and Hold "UP" while reinserting battery.
    3. When date/time shows up, release "UP"
    4. Do what you need to do.
    5. Remove and reinsert battery.
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    just hotsync to install..
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    Thanks for the tip, hersko, I think that's exactly what the problem is. Unfortunately, even after the "safe mode" soft reset, it still seems to be locked. (I'm glad I know about that reset, though, that's useful!)

    Looks like the hotsync got it, though. I don't know exactly why I didn't try that earlier, could have sworn there was some reason that shouldn't work!

    Thanks for the input :P
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    What does the file do and how is it used?

    Quote Originally Posted by tymerock View Post
    just hotsync to install..
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    Future users might also try UniCMD ( Freeware now, and I liked it better than Resco when I had them side-by-side.

    I gather from the PRC name that this is the hacked version of the library that unsets the DUN bit that tells Sprint you're tethering, much like it did on the 700p, or that PDANet and USBModem do for money. While the phone library is loaded hotsync should not overwrite it, but maybe that's no longer the case?

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